Discover our Ile Aux Cerfs rings in our signature pieces.

Each ring is uniquely curated and handcrafted in our atelier in Mauritius.

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About The Designer


Oceano is a combination of inspiration from my home island Mauritius and the Italian tradition for beauty.

A range of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings combining baroque pearls and volcanic lava from Mauritius, semi-precious stones from Madagascar, sterling silver and leather that I grew to love in Italy.

I believe jewelry comes alive when you wear it, influencing your mood, it is a creative expression of yourself and your personality.

Every piece tells a part of my story, of the artisans I work with, of the love I have felt and of the beauty I have known in my travels and explorations.
I hope you will find similar warmth, originality and style in wearing my designs.

Harriet Patrizi di Rasina
Designer of Oceano