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Oceano Pearls: how we create sea-inspired jewels

Every designer and jeweler has their own process when creating distinctive jewels. Making pieces that catch the eye requires hours, often days, of research and composition. The tropical beaches and seas of Mauritius are an exceptional source of inspiration for Oceano Pearl designer, Harriet Patrizi di Rasina.

Mauritian beaches and seas, a trove of inspiration!

If you have ever taken a stroll on beaches in Mauritius, you will definitely have seen a variety of seashells and corals in the sand. These natural components are highly featured in Oceano Pearls jewels. The most iconic examples are our Grand Sable and Ile aux Cerfs ring collections. To compose these rings, we shape molds from seashells and coral fragments that are meticulously selected by Harriet.

During the creation of the molds, shells and corals are judiciously put together to create distinctive and comfortable shapes. When we are satisfied with the sculptured prototypes, the molds are finalized. This process is accomplished over and over, so that the resulting jewels are well-balanced and not too encumbering for the wearer.

The gems and metals we use

Tahitian pearls are used as central pieces in most of our collections, and are present in all of our exclusive signature jewels. The Ile aux Cerfs pieces, for example, have coral-shaped rings which frame these pearls. Oceano pieces feature spherical as well as baroque pearls (these are mostly used in our necklaces). The base metal we use for our jewelry is silver. For the golden options, we use 18k gold vermeil.