Oceano Pearls: fine jewelry inspired by the sea

Oceano Pearls jewels exude originality and character. Each piece is named after specific villages in the tropical island of Mauritius, homeland of the brand’s creator and designer, Harriet Patrizi di Rasina. Thoughtfully combining Mauritian seascapes and traditional Italian beauty, our collections fit the moods and tones of the most elegant as well as the most nonchalant outfits.

Our workshop, where the magic happens!

The Oceano Pearls workshop can be found in Bel Air, Rivière des Anguilles, a quiet village in the southeast of Mauritius. Known for its verdant landscapes composed of volcanic rock and vast arable agricultural soil, Bel Air is imbued with rural charm and tranquility. It is a place framed by the serene Rivière des Anguilles, an iconic river, and the tempestuous southern seas. Vibrant with the power of natural energies, this area is an endless trove of inspiration for Harriet Patrizi di Rasina. So much so that the name Bel Air was given to a necklace in one of the Oceano Pearls collection. The workshop is open for visits on appointment and welcomes anyone who wishes to see the jeweler Ismet work his magic.

Jewelry crafted from the finest elements

Our jewelry collections are fashioned using elements such as Tahitian pearls, precious and semi-precious gemstones from Madagascar, and lava stone from Mauritius. All our creations are in solid sterling silver and gold vermeil.
We make 18kt gold in rose, yellow or white on order. Whether you’re on the lookout for a striking necklace, bracelet, ring or
earrings, Oceano Pearls has something to suit your taste. Be sure to browse our Exclusive Signature Pieces to feast your eyes on the intricate sea-inspired designs that characterize Oceano Pearls.

There is also a new collection for men.


Where to find Oceano Pearls jewelry

Oceano Pearls jewels are exposed in 4 locations in Mauritius: La Mode Kuky in Sunset Boulevard, Grand Baie; S’Mall & Chic in Floreal; Shagreen in Ruisseau Creole, Black River; and La Vanille Nature Reserve à Riviere des Anguilles.
Oceano is also present in boutiques in 5 star hotels in Mauritius.