The making of Tahitian’s most sought-after gem

Coveted for their exotic beauty and elegance, Tahitian pearls are highly prized due to their rarity and exceptional size… Among the most valuable, sought-after gems in the world, the making of those pearls represent an exceptional harmony between man and nature working in complete synchronicity.

The stunning colors of those pearls, usually black, gray or silver with overtones of green, pink, purple or blue, make for incredible jewellery pieces… Harriet Patrizi di Rasina, creator of Oceano Pearls in Mauritius, has a passion for those pearls and use them locally to create striking jewellery inspired by the sea, with a contemporary twist.

The culture of Tahitian pearls is an amazing process where one round shell bead is implanted into the tissue of a large, black-lipped pearl oyster, prized for its rarity and the beauty of its internal surfaces. The oyster reacts to this irritant by producing nacre, the lustrous coating that creates the pearl. Meanwhile the bead remains within the pearl as its nucleus, and the longer the pearls are left in the water, the more coats they will have, which make them bigger and more beautiful. It usually takes a minimum of three years to be formed and can take up to eight years… For that to happen, ideal conditions have to be met: an appropriate lagoon environment, a well-prepared and healthy receiving oyster, a donor mollusc that produces a quality nucleus as well as an expert grafter. The whole process is done without harming the oyster which can be implanted three or four times in its lifetime!

A real nature’s miracle, Tahitian pearl is a gem to have or to offer to your loved ones…