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Harriet Patrizi di Rasina was brought up on the tropical island of Mauritius, where she grew to love its warmth and beauty along with its unique flavor of different cultures merging harmoniously together.

She left for Paris to pursue a degree in art history at the Louvre followed by art restoration in Rome, learning the meticulous detail needed to bring back to life exceptional works of art. Then she discovered her true life passion…


Oceano is a combination of inspiration from her home island and the Italian tradition for beauty.

A range of bracelets, necklaces and earrings combining baroque pearls and volcanic lava from Mauritius, semi-precious stones from Madagascar, sterling silver and leather that she grew to love in Italy.

She believes jewelry comes alive when you wear it, influencing your mood, it is a creative expression of yourself and your personality.

Every piece tells a part of her story, of the artisans she works with, of the love she has felt and of the beauty she has known in her travels and explorations.

She hopes you will find similar warmth, originality and style in wearing her designs.

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